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Re: WNNW-AM 1110 on at night 4/19

WBT. Based on similar reports of daytimers on 1110 in 
the South staying on all night, and the l-o-o-n-g 
history of CKTY running its day facilities 24/7 for at 
least a decade before a recent switch to FM, I'd have to 
guess that WBT is the most interfered with Class A AM in 
the US. Though in these parts, WOR must be a close 
second because of the AM 710 in northern PQ (I forget 
both the COL and the calls). The Quebec station is a 
legacy station, but it didn't always interfere with WOR 
as badly as it has for the past maybe 15 years. CJRN, 
which is much closer to WOR, has never been a problem 
around here, although before its move from 1600 to 710 
about 30 years ago, CJRN used to totally clobber what is 
now WUNR during critical hours.

> What caused WNNW to be a daytime only station? 
> Another station on 1110 KHz??