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Re: Question about non-compete clauses

In a message dated 4/15/00 3:21:07 PM Eastern Daylight Time, k4gp@peganet.com 

<< I'd like to hear the legal rationale for that: why are non-competes so bad
 in broadcasting but just fine for lawyers, pharmacists, and real estate
 agents?  How is THAT in the public interest? Maine legislators couldn't come
 up with good answers, so we were left to assume the new law is just a sop to
 the union crowd to crank up the 'campaign contributions.' >>

It's just politics.  Legislating is not a rational process and such 
inconsistencies are common.

As for the Maine law: campaign contributions were not the reason for the 
interest of Maine legislators.  The leading supporters of the bill were 
legislators with aspirations for higher office and they wanted to get in the 
good graces of the TV reporters that would be covering their future 
campaigns.  There was one event held where key legislators were invited to 
meet privately with several prominent Maine anchors to discuss the issue.  I 
also heard of some reporters lobbying legislators while at the State House 
covering stories.  Journalists lobbying politicians.  Isn't there something 
wrong with that?

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine