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Question about non-compete clauses

Caught this note on the AllAccess net news page...

"...The trio resigned as the station prepares to change hands, from CLEAR 
CHANNEL to MEGA COMMUNICATIONS, and format, from Country to a Spanish 
language direction.
The three announcers, who all intend on remaining in the market, are now 
waiting out their six month non-compete agreements."

  The story does not mention if the three announcers are capable of carrying 
off broadcasting in Spanish, but if the names (Anthony, King and Andrews) are 
any indication of ethnicity, then my guess would be probably not.
  In Maine, non-competes have recently been ruled invalid, and as the market 
ownerships continue to consolidate, the options for a working professional in 
any field continue to narrow.
  Just curious to ask about the binding nature of a non-compete in a 
situation where the only option for a professional is to do nothing, or move. 
 (no mention as to whether or not these individuals are getting paid for 
waiting it out...)

- -Chuck (never signed one) Igo