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Re: WMAS rumor

>Jason Bereza wrote:
>Wouldn't that conflict with anti-trust regulations, seeing that Clear
>Channel already owns 3 stations (WHYN, WNNZ, and WHYN-FM), and is getting
>one more (WPKX) in the AMFM merger.

        I don't know about that issue, but I looked up some numbers.
According to the fall '99 Arbitrons posted on the Radio&Records website,
the combined ratings of Clear Channel and AMFM stations in the Springfield
market (#80) made for a 37.8 share. That includes stations from Hartford
and Worcester that are listened to in the market. If you added WMAS A/F,
which had 3.5 and the #1 rating in the market of 9.5, respectively, you
would have 50.8 overall.

        The bottom line is, this rumored sale would leave the Springfield
market with every significant station based in it under a single owner
except #2 rated WAQY (FM), with an 8.3. It would leave five of the top six
stations (which together account for a 51.0 share), under one owner.

        BTW, the most significant Clear Channel-AMFM station from outside
the market in these ratings is WKSS (FM), which was fifth, with a 6.8.