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Re: Rob Paraglia's Debut on Oldies 1.033e-2

In a message dated 4/11/00 3:01:22 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
dan.Strassberg@att.net writes:

<< Anyone know if Rob P is any relation to Mike Paraglia, a 
 sports guy who hails from somewhere around here, I 
 believe, and who, almost singlehandedly, _was_ the WBPS 
 air staff when the station was all sports? I believe 
 that Mike currently works at One-on-One, which 
 presumably means that he has moved to the Chicago area. 
 Rob _could_ be Mike's (considerably) younger bother--or 
 cousin. >>

You are thinking of Mike *Petraglia*. Mike works for both One-on-One (he uses 
an air name) and WEEI as a freelance reporter covering games at the 
FleetCenter, Fenway Park, and Foxboro Stadium.