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Syndicated talk in PM drive

        Is it just me, or has a supposedly major station pretty much gone
to death row when it puts syndicated talk on in PM drive in a medium market
(New Haven)? In this case, it's WELI, the supposedly local news-talk
station. Granted, they're using the way-popular Schlessinger, but it means
very limited traffic/news/weather in PM drive and, obviously, no local
personality to it. I just can't figure that's the right programming for
driving-home listeners, but maybe I'm way off base because, personally, I
have such a bad attitude about Schlessinger.

        It's interesting to note that they run her show live as it's done
at KFI, 3-6 p.m. Eastern, whereas a lot of stations in the East run it (or
use only part of it) in late morning, before Limbaugh, and use the previous
day's show. Around here, WELI has it on today and WTIC has the same program
on the next day.