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Re: Tory WJTO ---> WCOJ

>WJTO's  (Coastal Maine) all-around guy (and sole employee) Tory Gates,  in
>desire to move south [wife's family in same area],  is leaving WJTO to be
>afternoon news director at WCOJ-1420 in Coatesville Penna starting May 1.
>WCOJ is about 40 miles west of Philly, and it a very news-intensive local
>(non-Philly) station,  a vanishing breed, however WCOJ seems to do quite
>as its had a long history of local news.

Congrats to Tory, who is himself a pretty good guy. I remember working with
him on my games on mighty 740 way-back-when, when I was announcing and
he was board-opping for Bob.  Always helped me ut and made things easy.
(He also even used to board-up my old show there on occasion.) He's worked
so hard for so long at everywhere from WCAV to WJTO that he definitely
deserves the opportunity.