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Re: Rant About LPFM

"R.L. Caron" <k4gp@peganet.com>

>Well, none of that matters today. We're on the 
>way to adopting a system for digital broadcasting 
>that's been rejected as a standard in every other
>nation in the world. Canadians driving south for 
>the winter will find their car radios useless after 
>crossing the border, as will US citizens who
>venture north into Canada. Now THAT is smart planning!

Technology is already addressing this issue and others
like it e.g. different Cell Phones standards in 
different countries.  Check out the latest issue of 
"Rapidly Changing Face of Computing" (RCFoC):


Under Morphing Hardware, it discusses the SDR 
(Software Defined Radio)

Roger Kirk