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Re: WVMT, WPTR new home of EXPOS?

Thinks seem to be getting worse for the Expos, as now RDS and TSN have said
no to 2000 TV deals, which means for now the only baseball seen on TV in
Montreal will be Blue Jays, the Fox Saturday games and for those with an
upper tier cable package Atlanta and the Cubbies.

Loria must be scratching his head wondering how Van Horne wound up with a
contract that big ( $300,000 US) when for the past few years he could only
be heard on ONE station (CIQC)

Is 940 locked out because they HAVE to be 24 hour news? ( oh has the CRTC
given them any leeway?) CKGM would not be a bad alternative ( decent
signal ) and its not like they have any listeners anyways. I can't quite
figure out why Loria just doesn t buy the time on say CKGM and try and at
least break even doing it in house.