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Re: WVMT, WPTR new home of EXPOS?

Years ago, there was strong support in the North Country and much of Central
Vermont for the Expos...there was a concerted marketing effort in the early
years of the team to develop that fan base, to make the Expos the fans' NL
team of choice.

A 1972 game program shows several US stations as part of the Expos network
of the era...

WHRL-FM           103.1      Albany
WVMT-AM           620        Burlington
WICY-AM           1490       Malone
WMSA-AM           1340       Massena
WSLB-AM           1400       Ogdensburg
WPDM-AM           1470       Potsdam
WPDM-FM           99.3       Potsdam

I remember going to games in the early 70s at Jarry Park, and there being
numerous groups of fans introduced as being from organizations and clubs in
NY & VT...and about a dozen Vermont Transit buses lined up outside after the

New owner Jeffrey Loria wants to rekindle that fan interest within
communities on both sides of the border within 2-4 hours commute, and for
the first time in many years, the Expos' off-season player caravan made
pit-stops and media appearances in Plattsburgh and Burlington, duly noted on
their NBC and CBS affiliates, respectively.

Stephen Pickford

Host / Producer -- "Travel World Radio Show"
(and handling the individual corporate travel of the Expos as well)

At 11:15 PM 4/1/00 EST, you wrote:
>In a message dated 4/1/00 9:38:16 PM Eastern Standard Time, nmi@netcom.ca 
><< WPTR has a
> passable signal but tends to fade in and out, thus, WVMT would be the
> station of choice for Montrealers, WPTR for Upstate New York. >>
>Do the Expos have a solid fan base outside of Quebec, i.e. in Burlington, 
>Montpeilier, and upstate New York? I know they have the minor league team in 
>Burlington, but I always thought that upper New England/New York was still 
>very much Sox country.

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