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Re: WVMT, WPTR new home of EXPOS?

Once in awhile you'll hear a listener from Montreal
calling in to the Howie Carr show because they can
hear it via WVMT. My last trip to Montreal, I could
hear 'VMT (and Howie) well while driving up there,
though it got faint as I crossed whatever bridge it
was (the Cartier, maybe?) into the city. Not sure how
well AM 620 gets into Montreal otherwise.Something to
check out next time I'm up there.

Not sure about WPTR or WVMT night time reception.

I know one of the stations in Barre or Montpelier
(WSNO, maybe?) was or is part of the Mtl. Expos

--- Kevin Vahey <kvahey@mediaone.net> wrote:
> Rumors are flying that for at least next week WVMT
> in Burlington and WPTR in
> Albany will be the Expo's "english" network.
> My question is does either put a decent nightime
> signal onto the Island of
> Montreal? ( I know WVMT has an OK signal by day)

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