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Re: Kenny Mayer

It is Kenney Meyer (the living one) who was Larry Glick's producer AND later
did the old-time-radio shows at night on the old WEEI 590 . The late Ken
Mayer sometimes played cuts from comedy albums on his Sunday late-night WUNR
show, but, aside from those, he did not do old-time radio. As I said, Kenney
Meyer (the one who DID do old-time radio) is on WMEX 1060 Saturday
afternoons from noon until 2:00 PM co-hosting a program called Live Longer
and Better.

If you want more info on the late Ken Mayer, contact Rob Landry at WCRB. Rob
lurks and sometimes posts here. Years ago, when he worked at WUNR, Rob was
the studio engineer (at the TX on Saw Mill Brook Parkway in Newton) for the
shows that Mayer originated from his basement not far away. If you want more
info on Ken Meyer, call WMEX while his program is on. You might even win
something for your troubles. In one recent show, Ken interviewed Ed McMahon
about the start of his radio career at WLLH.


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>Actually I think I am referring to Ken Mayer (apparently not amoung us
>any longer?) Unless it is Muck (producer of Larry Glick's program) that
>used to do the old time radio programs?