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Re: Frank Sunday Out At WCCM??

Mark wrote:
> I have a feeling that Frank Sunday (Messina) may no longer be doing his PM
> drive slot on WCCM (800 Lawrence).The past two afternoons have found WCCM
> filling PM drive with Music Of Your Life birdfeed.Also,Costa-Eagle has been
> running a classified ad looking for a salesperson for WCCM,which Frank also
> did there in addition to his airshift.

Word out there is Frank's selling radio further up the Merrimack near
the ocean.  I would suspect that it's cheaper to run bird-feed PM
drive than taking a salesman out of the market for half the day. The
expectation seemed to be that the station was going to bring over the
Messina-crafted local AS format that he had established on WLLH.  ONce
they went to the bird & the box except for PM drive with Messina, it
was just a matter of time that there would be no room for humans....

The Lawrence kilowatt seems like it's not sure what it wants to be (or
where). They have what resembles a largely unattended, temporary
set-up in a store front in Lowell and buzzing a lot about taking on
_that_ market while not embracing the one that is largely ignored by
everybody on the planet, their COL of Lawrence, Plaistow, Andover,
NAndover, Methuen, & even Middleton, N. Reading.  

 Bill O'Neill