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RE: Jan and Arnie

Yes, I believe it WAS a _different_ Arnie Ginsburg. If 
you go to this URL 
http://www.buffnet.net/~ambrosia/liner/1958sr.htm , you 
will see that the Arnie Ginsburg who sang with Jan 
joined the Navy in 1959. I recall Woo-Woo in 1959 as 
being on the _old_ new-WMEX (1510) every night Monday 
thru Friday from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM--right before Jerry 

If anyone here knows Woo-Woo and thinks they could 
recognize whether he's the Arnie in a 40-odd-year-old 
photo, I have a downloaded jpg of Jan and Arnie. The 
photo was taken in 1957 or 58. Unfortunately, I forgot 
to capture the URL, but if you want me to e-mail the 
photo to you, let me know.

> At 12:13 PM 3/28/00 -0500, Larry A. Lovering wrote:
> >It sure was Woo-Woo!  Source- Jan & Dean's Anthology CD liner notes.
> >
> The connection seems a bit of a stretch...an unknown L.A. wannabe surf
> group and a Boston dj with a less than great voice (and in 1957 or 58,
> whenever that song came out, Arnie was just beginning to make a name for
> himself).  I don't have the CD, but I do have a vinyl anthology of J&D, and
> it gives the impression that the singing Arnie Ginsburg was a high school
> friend of J&D.  Didn't "our" Arnie grow up in Maine?