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Re: News Radio & Ethics

> 1)- News anchors/announcers who also do voice-overs of commercial spots heard
on their own station. <

We seem to have different standards on this on radio versus TV, don't we?
Maybe I shouldn't be so complacent, but I really don't have a major problem
with this.  Admittedly, the first time I heard a midday anchor on WBZ voicing a
spot it was disconcerting, but I've since become habituated to it.  I can draw
a line, I think, because I see an anchor more as a presenter than a reporter.
The bottom line is, I accept it as a necessary evil.

< 2)- A morningman who runs ads for his own radio announcer's school on the
afternoon drive shift of his station...openly giving his name as the proprietor

I'd have a bigger problem with this if the financial interest of the morning
man wasn't disclosed in the ad, but I think that most listeners accept that if
you need to make a living you're allowed to moonlight.  It becomes a problem, I
think, when your outside interests take away from the entertainment value of
the show; that is, it becomes either a mission or an welfare program for your
ne'er-do-well brother. :)

Take care,