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Re: Covering the city council

Hmm - TV 3 was wondering the same thing, until they were notified that the
closest available freq. was Fall River.

Kinda took the wind out of their sails...for now.  They're always working on
something to better promote their access stations.

One would think, that since public access stations are generally
non-commercial (seperating public access from local origination access
stations) that if an access station had the means to do so, they could apply
for an LPFM license.

Could prove interesting...TV and radio once again working together to serve
a community?  Who woulda thunk?

Marc Lemay

> That I don't know.  I do know of an LPTV in Maine that is public access
> I don't know the relevant regulations.  THAT LPTV, so far as I remember,
> owned by a cable company.
> An even more interesting question has been posed in the public-access
> business:  Can public-access studios own/operate LPFM?  The regulations
> seem to prohibit "media companies" from owning such stations, but the
> spirit of the law seems to favor just the sort of community-based
> corporations such as public-access corporations are.  Speaking for myself
> alone, it would be nice if the FCC could clarify this.
> Take care,
> Dave
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