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promo (gasp) *records*

In a message dated 00-03-27 11:40:23 EST, ASchinella@aol.com writes:

<< In the old days <snip> labels would send 20 copies of a CD to radio 
 in an effort to encourage airplay in already tight formats.  >>

In the even "older" days at KISS 108 when it first started in 1979, one of 
the music directors at the time, Joe Cervone,  told me he received 2 copies 
(usually albums or extended play 12" vinyl discs)  for the station library 
and one record (!) for each jock so we could listen to and get familiar with 
the songs at home. It actually worked for a while and sure helped my outside 
DJ gigs.

 Dave Iseman
Cape Cod, MA