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RE: Covering the city council


Could a public access TV station apply for a LPTV educational license? or
are they only supposed to be exclusive to the cable system.


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> >Are these carried by the cable company or by the local access channel?
> >They are usually different entities.  In Brookline, the Board of
> >Selectmen, Town Meeting, etc. are carried by Brookline Access
> >Television, not by Cablevision.
> >
> Moreover, this even depends on the franchise agreement that a city makes
> with its cable company.  Some public access studios are run by
> the company.
>  Others--like Salem Access TV, where I am on the board--are independent
> not-for-profit corporations.
> In general, cable companies don't want to run public access, and try to
> shift it off to someone else, or even close it down.  The latter scenario
> has happened in Beverly, and M1, which also owns Marblehead's community
> station, wants to divest itself of city-council telecasting.
> It's ironic that RCN was the topic of that selectman's meeting referenced,
> but I don't think it was purposeful.  They just flat out don't want to do
> it and were it not for federal law, SATV's 3 channels as well as other
> public access channels, would just as soon belong to commercial
> concerns or
> even PBS (which considers public access unprofessional and beneath their
> concern except for the bandwidth they represent.)
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