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FOX NE pulls a Heidi......

FOX Sports NE certainly has had better days than yesterday ( Sunday)

They were carrying the BU-St Lawrence NCAA playoff game which started at
NOON.....and in theory had nothing to worry about with the Celtics not
scheduled until 4 PM. However......

The game went into overtime and kept on going and going. At 4 PM they pulled
the plug to go to the Celtics, but NEVER offered as much as a chyron crawl
to explain what would or could happen.

The hockey game became an epic lasting six hours ( it went to the 4th
overtime) and in the end only WRCA had the game on.

To make matters worse for the sports bars in the area..that scrambled to
find another feed....they found they were locked out as FOX owned the NE
rights to the game.

Heidi lives....

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