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Re: Which Northeast stations use RDS?

At 10:12 PM 3/25/2000 EST, you wrote:
>I'm just curious about which stations have RDS capabilities throught the 
>northeast. I know that the WAMC network, WPVQ, Greater Media's 

Here's what I found scanning the band from Salem, MA. with my RDS-capable
radio.  "RDS Indication" refers to the station ID that comes up when the
RDS indicator lights.  

Freq.     Station     RDS Indication
-----     -------     --------------

88.9      WERS        "WERS"
92.9      WBOS        "WBOS-FM"
96.9      WTKK        "FM-TALK"
104.9     WBOQ        "WBACH"
105.7     WROR        "WROR-FM"
106.7     WMJX        "WMJX-FM"

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