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RE: WNDS-Lowell Sun partnership

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> From:	Smyth, Sean (NEE-TAB) [SMTP:ssmyth@cnc.com]
> Subject:	RE: WNDS-Lowell Sun partnership
> David wrote:
> >Yesterday (Thursday) the Lowell Sun announced a news swap partnership
> with WNDS-TV, anyone hear anything like this?
> Sean replied:
> But it would be nice to see Channel 50 come home to Lowell -- think they
> might move back into the lovely downtown Lowell studios back from 1969?
	Ron adds: Things RF-wise would be better now that WLLH is no longer
operating off the roof of the former Giant Store @ 4 Broadway!

	While not television, the station I worked for in Fernandina Beach,
FL, WYHI 1570, had a cooperative effort with the local rag, The Fernandina
Beach News-Leader. They hosted a local hour long talk/news/issues show once
a week {Fernandina Beach News Leader Live at Five) and we got about $250
worth of of advertising for the station each week.

	Ron Gitschier
	Panama City, Panama