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Re: NERW 3/24: WFAU Loses A Tower, WFNX Gains A State, NERW VisitsCalifornia...

WGUY 102.1 transmits from atop 1,100-foot 
Hersey Hill, just off Route 7 outside of Dexter, although their studios
are in Newport. 
According to FCC data they operate with 26,500 watts. (I thought the old
class-A frequencies were limited to 25,000 watts)
But they do put out an excellent signal, and their live-assist oldies
format  has  a greater variety than the satellite-fed oldies on WWMJ
WGUY comes in quite well here on Mount Desert Island, although adjacent
channel 102.3 rules to the east with the CBC French Network's CBAF out
of Fredericton, New Brunswick. It really puts in a strong signal from
Bar Harbor all the way east along the coast to the Canadian Border. 
A couple of my radios get WGUY better, a couple get CBAF better,
depending on each set's selectivity, and antenna orientation. 

I will be curious what happens to  WGUY. Hopefully the powers-that-be
will leave it alone.

Rod O'Connor
Southwest Harbor, Maine