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The Translator Menace

This is related to what Bob Bittner has been talking
about on LTAR (and we've discussed it on this list):
A friend in California sent me the program guide for
3,000 watt KSPC in Claremont, CA. One page looked like
a "Star Wars" spoof and was entitled "Space Wars--
The Translator Menace". It explained what a translator
was and said that the station had filed petitions to
the FCC trying to block two applicants who wanted to
put translators on or near KSPC's frequency. It would
cut back reception to the station in many areas.

One was Calvary Chapel of Twin Falls, Idaho, and the
other was Living Way Ministries. The ad says "KSPC
is not anti-religious. Our current opponents happen
to be from religious organizations but we consider
anyone attempting to intefere with our signal with
repetitive, non-local programming to be on the
'Dark Side'."

Details are at http://www.kspc.org 

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