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Re: EAS system

I can remember an incident at a certain Merrimack Valley FM station where
for some reason, the Seabrook "phone" rang outside the studio and there was
some sort of activation of the alert system about 10 years ago.  It was a
weekend - so the jock, who knew the process, hunted around the
studio/control room to find the appropriate carts to begin the alert process
on air...to no avail.  All while running a shift, mind you.

Come to find out - the carts were locked in the Station Managers office.
The activation codes were in the studio, but there were certain carts that
needed to be played - you know - the ones that stated that you might as well
stick your head between your legs and...well...y'all know the rest.

Needless to say, Monday morning...some very official looking folks in
military-looking uniforms took the phone out of the station, never to be
heard from again.

Lesson learned from all this: Why didn't they have Caller ID back then?

Marc Lemay