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RE: Emergency Preparations

Dateline 1978....WLLH 1400 LOWELL - LAWRENCE, in my recollection had a
spotmaster board (Bill O. remember the spotmaster console I photo'd and sent
- the same model as WCAP) mounted to this two turntable console that hooked
up to a UHF studio link. We'd load the heavy sucker from the second (?)
floor of 4 Broadway in Lowell (The Giant Store later Joann Fabric Factory)
into the Mopar Van... I was all of 110 lbs soaking wet. It was a bear to
load and unload. They usually set the thing up outside the van. For some
reason I got a charge out of using the News Remote UHF radio... had to use
the call signs. "KYY 301 to KHJ 599"... WBCN shared our frequency assignment
along with another station in the Rochester, NH area.  Made for interesting
listening for ball games in NH...
Got photos back at home of Frank Sunday (Messina) doing a 4th of July remote
at Macheras' Getty Station in Lowell. The star attraction was gas at an
unbelieveable 99 cents a gallon. Must of been 1981...  Goerge Macheras loved
the turnout for that one...

WLLH had a standby generator at the overly oppulent 4 Broadway Lowell
facility, with an automatic buss transfer. I'm not sure about Lawrence...
they might of been relagated to listening to the Lowell signal...

Ron Gitschier
Galapagos Islands
In charge of putting all those "WLLH Is Everywhere" stickers on all the
Whalom Park family passes in 1978...
Missing home....