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Re: Field trips

>    WGAN in Portland, at the same time, had a fully equipped Winnebago.
> cart machines (two triple-stacks), mics, and console so that entire shows
> (spots, jingles, music,etc) could be done on the road.  My favorite memory
> that 'Bago was the Deering Oaks Family Festival in 1984.  My wife had to
> work, and I was asked to do a Sunday afternoon.  Our babysitter was
> unavailable, so with a three month old in tow, we turned the mobile studio
> into a mobile nursery.  (crank-up swing and all).

And who said being an at home dad is a new thing... : )

All the stations I've worked at would offer "field trips".  We'd do the
whole promo thing with the Cub Scout troops and run them during the morning

My first run in with a remote studio was when I was six and got to step into
the WSAR van while they were doing a remote at Kennedy Park in Fall River.
(FYI, the same van is still in use, at least at last check...given a few
paint jobs in between.)  Full blown studio, and IIRC, even had a couple of

My "favorite" remote van was with WHTB.  We really didn't have a safe place
to park the "mini-bago" (a small version of the travelling vehicle...) so we
never installed equipment into it.  The station bought it off WPRO AM and
every remote, we had to still lug the equipment out to the van.  Kept things
clean tho, other than the occasional cigar stubs and empty soda cans.

Marc Lemay