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Re: Custon edits (was Re: Thursday Night Countdown Chart)

Some misheard lyrics that I can think of:

CCR, "Bad Moon Rising": "Don't go out tonight 'cause
it's bound to take your life/ There's a bathroom
on the right" (..."bad moon on the rise")

Derek & the Dominos, "Layla": "Got me on my knees,
Layla, I think it's all them fleas" (..."I'm beggin'
darlin' please")

Midnight Oil, "Blue Sky Mine": "Who's gonna shave me,
who's gonna shave me...Indiana rain comes down..."
("Who's gonna save me, who's gonna save me...In the
end the rain comes down...")

DonKelley@aol.com wrote:

> This question has already been answered, but another
> great source for checking
> misheard lyrics is:
>                  http://www.kissthisguy.com

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