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Re: Shel Swartz (was: Thursday Night Countdown Chart)

In a message dated 03/17/2000 10:56:10 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
sven@lily.org writes:

<< Now that we're on that topic, Shel (the original webmaster for that page)
 is now a reporter for Radiodigest.com.  He writes on the Florida radio
 scene. >>
and of course Shel is also the "ringleader" for another newsgroup, the 
Neradio@onelist.com .   (as i know that many of you know...)  
odd, though, that list;  they don't seem to care about towers.  ;-)   

- -Chuck Igo (who uses the "garden hose straight up in the air" analogy when 
explaining non-directional paterns to visiting kids on field trips to a