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Durward Kirby RIP

Durward Kirby, sidekick to Garry Moore and Alan Funt, has passed away at 
age 88 in a Florida nursing home of heart failure. He started in 
Indianapolis radio moving on to powerhouse WLW in Cincinnati. After a tour 
in the Navy for WWII, this 6 ft 4 inch radio/tv personality, returned to 
Chicago. Durward had been living in Sherman, CT in northern Fairfield 
County. Friends in Sherman tell me he was very friendly and interested in 
collecting paintings of early American art from area artists. He moved to 
Florida about two years ago.  Something that was new to me, was that he was 
also an author of a few children's books.  Funeral services will be 
conducted Saturday at the Lillis Funeral Home in New Milford. Calling hours