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I know of no instance in which the Canadians have removed the notification
to the US of a deleted or unbuilt and never-to-be-built AM. I think they
hang onto these allocations just to nettle the US. Apparently the governing
treaties give them the right to do it. Either that, or the FCC has what it
considers to be better ways than wrangling with the CRTC to spend its
drastically limited budget. Take a look at WLIB's night pattern. A lot of
extra work and money and at least one extra tower went into that array to
protect CHTN Charlottown PEI. CHTN moved from 1190 to 720 in the early
80s--almost 20 years ago now. WLIB's night array went on the air less than a
year ago. No matter that CHTN had been gone from 1190 for almost a
generation. No matter that in all that time--even before the Canadian exodus
to FM--nobody had applied for CHTN's vacated facilities, that allocation had
to be protected. The unnecessary protection probably cost ICBC (owner of
WLIB) a cool quarter mil--maybe more. After the upgrade--assuming that a CP
is granted and built--WRPT will be quite a decent facility, even with
sign-off at local sunset plus 2 hours.

>If the canadians don't plan to build anything on that frequency, why don't
>they just tell the fcc so.  anyway, isn't the crtc in the process of
>discontinuing am stations bit by bit?