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Re: Route 128 and changing radio market (Was Re: Traffic / Non-Radiostuff)

If one looks at the bridge abutments along Route 128 one can get a sense of 
what was done when.

If you're heading north on Route 128 in Newton and get off at the exit marked 
22-23-24, you are on the approach road to the Mass Pike.  This is also the 
old Route 128, and you can see a bridge with the year 1950 on it.

Greenleaf Avenue in Needham, adjacent to Route 128, was the old 128.  The old 
bridge that used to be next to the railroad station in Westwood (the 
abutments are still there) was the old 128.

Several bridges along 128 in the Wellesley/Needham/Dedham area have different 
dates on each side of the bridge.  One side was done in the early 50's, the 
other was done in the early 60's.

The old 128 basically followed the path of the present 128/I-95  What is now 
called Route 53 in the Weymouth area was the old Route 3.  Where 53 and 229 
presently meet in the village of Accord was the old intersection of Routes 
128 and 3.