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Re: a boy for Knoy?

> Knoy has hosted
> The Exchange on NHPR since the program began 4 years ago.  Previously
> she had worked for NPR in Washington. 

Congratulations to Laura Knoy!  (So that's how you spell it?)

Has anyone else noticed that NPR has a penchant for hiring people with
obscure names?   The voices are fine; even Andrei Codrescu's accent is
no problem: but the names of NPR personalities are sometimes enough to
provoke puzzlement and general head-scratching.   The women's names 
seem to strike me as odd more often that the men's, too.  

Want to generate a new NPR correspondent's name?  pick one from column
A and one from column B:

	Davar			Ydstie
	Corva			Hom
	Carline 		Liasson
	Vertamae		Gjelten
	Ina			Flatow
	Cokie			Ardalan

Mix and Match!