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happy weekending, gang.

got the following from Judi Paparelli.  i know Talkamerica webcasts, 
connecting through the homepage  talkamerica.com.   unfortunately, my 
plymouth minivan's web browser does not allow me to enjoy a webcast at 75, 
er, 65 mph on I-95, but maybe yours does...    Judi's message follows: 

Judi wrote:
<< new permanent slot, 9pm to midnight on Talk America 2, debuting this 
Monday night......I am beside myself with excitement, and I've got all sorts 
of neat things planned....
one of the things i'll be doing is taking calls from people all over the 
country to find out what's going on wherever they are....with that in 
mind......please call in if you get the chance Monday, anytime between 9PM 
and MIDNIGHT....here's the toll free number.....888.822.8255....I would love 
to hear from you on any topic, or just to say hi.....>>

check it out, tell your friends, buy some advertising?  Good Luck, Judi.

- -Chuckigo