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"Roger Kirk" <rogerkirk@mail.ttlc.net>: Re: Driving the calls (was: wrong call letters)

Back in the good ol days before Larry Tisch decided to cash in and sell
CBS to Westinghouse WODS did have a reasonable promotional budget.  It
was cut to ziltch when Tisch put the network on the market and has never
been fully restored.

Dave Faneuf

Funny, but I never considered WODS to have a big promotional
budget.  Their biggest line item must be the summer concerts.
They give away a T-shirt every night at 8:35, most of their 
contests seem to be trade-outs and personal appearances of
WODS Personalities are compensated (except for certain charitable
yada, yada, yada...)

OTOH Kiss-108 does $10,000 Thursdays during sweeps.  Four of 
those would more than pay for an evening with the Righteous 

Any "insiders" with more info?

Roger Kirk

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