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Re: Shaughnessy, Ryan & Borges banned from Big Show

bluesradio_99 wrote:
<<But I wonder if WSJZ has something to do with it. WSJZ is just down the 
road from the Globe (Morrissey Boulevard) and I wonder if the gang from 'SJZ 
went over to the Globe and suggested a sort of deal...>>

YES! you've finally figured it out!!!  that's the same reason why you will 
never, ever see people from channel 4, 5, or 7 on WB56.  (there's a 
super-top-secret clause in the land-title/rental agreements on Morrissey 
Blvd.)  major market people employed on Morrissey Blvd may ONLY associate 
other Morrissey Blvd major market types.  hence, the reason we all shop at 
Star, now.  (Star, of course, is a major market, too).  <g>

in seriousness, there is the Margery Eagan angle to consider.  and Barnicle.  
(remember him?)
and while we're talkin' conspiracy....

kevin vahey wrote:
<<There is something else in the works, planned for an October 1 start.
Can't say anything YET, but I can give this hint. What happened in 1975 is
about to happen again.>>

then, brian vita asked:
<<I'm a little weak on my history.  What happened in 1975?>>

bill decker replied:
<<- Mark Parenteau returns home from Detroit to work at 'COZ
- - SImon Geller's license is challenged bya greedy corporate broadcaster
- - Red Sox lose the World Series
- - Jimmy Hoffa disappears from a restaurant in New Jersey>>

now, we all know the Sox aren't going to lose.  and isn't uncle Mark working 
under a contract in new york?

so, does that mean Jimmy Hoffa's finally gonna get a desert menu?

- - -chuck igo (workin' at 105.7 WROR... 
                     but i shop at Shaws in South Portland, Maine)