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First, I think it's pretty bad business when a PM drive host has to ask
a newspaper media writer to write a piece about his show in a public
message board (http://www.bostonherald.com/guestbook/djohnson/guestbook.html)
of all places. Don't they have PR people to do all the dirty "plant" work for them?

Second, it looks even more desperate when a Globe sports reporter
shows up as a guest on the midday show(with Marj Egan) to explain his decision to
quit The Big Show on a rival talker(citing his objections to distasteful and degrading content on 'EEI, specifically the Big Show. Oh, he had no problem getting a paycheck from them for the past  5 years. What hypocrisy?!).  I wonder if FM Talk's producers are out looking for Ray Flynn or Mark Parenteau(both recently let go from 'RKO) to come on as guests and badmouth the competition(Entercom)?

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Bill Decker
Media Consultant

On Thu, 16 Sep 1999 21:47:33   Sven Weil wrote:
>I agree.  The gods at Greater Media should have put more thought into
>hiring a strong lineup of talk hosts.

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