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WSJZ web site, etc.

I note with some interest that the site at <http://smoothjazz969.com>
has yet to be updated -- including the typo in the "Smooth Jazz
Staff" page that tells us Jackie Brush came to Boston "when the
original Smooth Jazz 96.9, WDCJ [sic], signed on in 1990."

Also of interest is the page at <http://www.greater-media.com>
(which I found off a different GM page at <http://www.greatermedia.com>!),
which still lists WSJZ as Smooth Jazz, WXDG Detroit as Rock (they
went Jammin' a few months ago), and WXXM - which dropped those
calls anyway by now - as "Modern" in Philly.  I'll acknowledge
that GM has had bigger concerns of late than its Web site,
but still...

- -s