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W24CM (Was: T.S./H. Dennis Kicking Up Tropo)

I wrote,

~ and a couple of unIDs (Ch.s 24 <besides CT>, 41 <besides NJ> and
~ possibly 3 <Philly or NS/NB?>).

I've ID-ed the Ch.24 as W24CM, *BOSTON*!!!
How could WFXT-25 allow this to happen, at least without a wimper?
I realize W24CM is just a meager 26 Kw to 'FXT's 1950 Kw, but the
transmitters are practically co-sited:

          WFXT- 42:18:12~N/71:13:08~W
         W24CM- 42:18:27~N/71:13:27~W

Shouldn't this be unequivocally taboo, in the FCC's eyes?
The FCC's data base lists it as a transfer from Ch.29, Lawrence.
How long have they been on?