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Re: WPOP Giants broadcast

>Howard Glazer wrote:
 At ID
>time, its "10-second" ID consistently ran about 15 seconds, costing the
>listeners more play-by-play.

        You should be more precise in your postings <g>. This should be
rephrased, " . . . costing the listeners, if any, . . . "

> Instead, it sounded to me as though nobody was
>on the board and the station was unaware any problem existed.


        Disney or a Spanish format or someone ought to get that place and
operate an actual radio station again. Bird-feed all-sports is a big loser
in the Hartford market. IMO. WTIC (AM) has the franchise on local sports
coverage, with a short daily call-in show, and hard-core sports listeners
are all with WFAN, which comes in pretty well even on $3 clock radios in
almost the whole market. I think WPOP's ratings are a little behind the
cume for people using scanners to listen to the Hartford Police Department.