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Re: WPOP Giants broadcast

Speaking of technical snafus like that, I remember one Red Sox game
ending with Jerry Trupiano finishing
his wrap-up. They ran the list of sponsors and such;
then we heard about 4 or 5 minutes of Jerry talking
(thinking the mike/ connection was off) to someone else in the
broadcast booth. "Yeah, we're heading out
of town...yeah,gonna grab a bite to eat before we get to the

Then WEEI sports talk showed up, with the host (I forget who) briefly
mentioning what had happened
("oops, someone left his mike open, I guess"). No
naughty language got through, though...

- --- H Glazer <hmglaz@webtv.net> wrote:
> Strictly amateur night at ESPN Radio WPOP for its
> first game on the NY
> Giants network.  From 5:51
> to 5:59 WPOP
> treated its audience
> to eight minutes of open mike
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