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Re: Neighbors, at the tone...

Either at our sign off @ 5kw NDA or 30w, I would say after the 'closing':
We hereby yield the frequency to our neighbor south of the border, XERF.
We're on  Mexican Clear Channel 1570.... It's something that came to mind
from watching too many senate floor telecasts on C-Span.  I'd sometimes
would switch during songs that happened to have a pause in the middle.
Just for sport. My first GM (As WQAI) caught me (via skip while out of
town no less) playing bomb sfx during the National Anthem at sign off. I
thought I'd add to the ...and bombs bursting in air.. part of the lyrics.
What I thought was a flair for the dramatic wasn't viewed the same way by
Charlie White at first, but then he would tune in to see what he's going
to do next... and found me playing the Mexican Anthem... I explained that
I was helping XERF (across from Del Rio, TX) sign on while it readied it's
150kw xmtr... lol

Ron (fizzzt) Gitschier
(Same facility, more professionalism and soon a jump from 5kw to 10kw!!!)

Bill O'Neill wrote:

> I had developed a radio-habit at WCAP I'd occas. reference "the all
> important
> pattern change" coming up, or something equally lame.

> Bill (pong) O'Neill
> It's All About What One Kitchen Radio Hears


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