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Re: Neighbors, at the tone...

> you may also remember that WHDH used to have sponsored
> Jess would read an open for a client with "... locations in
> Boston, Somerville <<pause  -  change pattern to day>> and in
> communities outside of route 128 where you would now be able to hear
> station).
> there was also the WHDH pattern change jingle:  "Where Your Friends
> <pause> WHDH".
> Chuck (ping) Igo

Especially since the nifty 850 D/N pattern differences to the west are
sooo noticeable!  When it came to the concept of TIMING, there was no
peer to Jess.  He once whispered, "My life is all about time. (pause)
Ming." (spot).

I had developed a radio-habit at WCAP (my wayback-newbie incarnation)
when I did 6p-mid. music.  I'd occas. reference "the all important
pattern change" coming up, or something equally lame.  The late Ike
Cohen (owner) disliked music or spots being gacked by the :01
deadspot, so we efforted to time it to a spot break or break in the
music.  A couple of times I said, "Goodbye Manchester (or
Groton/Pelham/Dunstable/etc.) <kerplunk> Hello South Shore!"
Eventually, that all wore off, (or I grew up) and stopped doing it.
However, THAT was the thing I got calls about, wondering why I stopped
goofing on something so.. "inside".  One caller, from Groton, MA, said
that whenever I said, "Goodbye Groton" after the change, WTRY kicked
in on 980 and we disappeared.  From where HER radio sat, she took it
as a "nice touch" whereas someone within both D/N patterns just
ignored the whole thing.

Bill (pong) O'Neill
It's All About What One Kitchen Radio Hears