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Re: Did anyone else hear this?

Polka was a huge part of our once a year "radiothon" at WTCC in Springfield
during the 80's -- and it still brings in a large percentage of the
donations needed to operate the station.

On the commercial side -- the station voted best to go all polka in Central
New England:    WARE
On the serious side,
All Polka really does make more sense than All Spanish in WARE's case.

Mark Casey

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> At 02:11 AM 9/10/99 -0400, Mike Thomas wrote:
> >When I was at WMUA during the mid 1980's, the polka show also brought in
> >listener donations than all of the other shows on the station combined. 
> >when I lived in Connecticut, many of the local AM's had weekend polka
> >particularly in New Britain, Waterbury and Willimantic, since these
areas had
> >sizable Polish-American populations.  There was a polka show on 
> >WILI-Willimantic
> >which ran every week for over thirty years until the lady who hosted it 
> >finally
> >hung up her cans.  My wife tells me that many stations ran polka 
> >programming in
> >Ohio and Western Pennsylvania as well.  I think at one time there were a
> >all-polka stations in the midwest many years ago.
> I can't decide on the proper response:
> #1
> "See, I told you the format works"
> or
> #2
> "There go those Polka freaks, dragging out the five or six stations where

> the format has worked...."
> Brian