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RE: Jazz is not dead (was: Re: FM Talk 96.9 - Enough!)

Actually, my favorite Jazz program was the late lamented "Fusebox" show on
WERS (M-F 2-5PM in the 1980s). I am a fusion fan, and wish SJZ had played
some, or at least had kept the Soft AC junk off the air.

I also agree with those that thought 'PLM did the NAC format a little better
than 'SJZ (not much better, but a little).

Oh well......

Paul Hopfgarten
Derry NH

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Larry Weil writes:
> If this is all the jazz you think is out there, you are forgetting
> WGBH is jazz from 7PM through (I think) 5 AM, and more on the
> also WICN Worcester has jazz for the majority of the day.  So, I
> think that jazz is dead at all, maybe just the NAC variety for a

Excellent point.  I have learned _so_ much about jazz over the years
(with much more to learn), its amazing width and breadth, as well as a
whole bunch about how to be one with your listener (singular intended)
by listening to Eric/WGBH FM and on overnights.  One snowy night last
winter, driving through downtown Boston on the way to Legals then a
show, WGBH (jazz) on the radio, it was a rare moment when radio put it
all together.

Bill O'Neill