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Herald on WSJZ

Today's Herald has an article on the feud between Imus
(WSJZ) and Dennis and Callahan (WEEI) plus one smaller
tidbit about how WSJZ's lineup is taking shape. They say that Stacy
Taylor may only be on for this week;
they could have a noon-2 pm shift with the Herald's
Jeff Jacoby, and the 10-noon shift would have Emily
Rooney and Margery Eagan Monday through Wednesday,
Mike Barnicle Thursdays, and Eagan solo on Fridays.

Hmm, why only 2 hours a week for Barnicle? After so much mention was
made of him coming to the station,
you think he'd at least be on five days a week. This
would mean his old crosstown rival, Howie Carr,
would have 10 times as much airtime.

"Barnicle resigns! Barnicle resigns! Ha, ha, life is
good, Barnicle resigns!"
 --sing-songy caller to the Howie Carr show on the
day Mike Barnicle announced his resignation from the

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