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Re: 96.9 testing...123

I thought they were only doing Imus repeats in the morning, with smooth
jazz the rest of the day, until Sept. 7 when the rest of the talk will
arrive. Sounds like they're still doing smooth jazz right now, other
than 6-10 am...

Supposedly it will be all repeats ("best ofs") of Imus
until Sept. 7, at least on WSJZ. The Herald or Globe
had mentioned that.

- --- Brian Vita <brian_vita@cssinc.com> wrote:
> I missed the
> changeover this morning.  I 
> went to the "www.smoothjazz969.com" web site to
> listen to the audio feed 
> this morning and its gone from the site.  Too bad
> that their premier show 
> was a repeat.  
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