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WGBH-FM Moving TX?

Someone has posted an item to a website called
"Classical Airwaves" claiming that WGBH-FM is 
planning to move its transmitter from Great Blue
Hill in Canton to a tall tower in Newton or Needham.
(The post is at www.hippogryph.com...select "Classical
Airwaves;   this site used to be connected to the 
webaite of WCRB-FM which prior to its appearance had
switched its format from Classical music to Dumbed-
down Classical music and is now even MORE Dumbed-
down than ever.  The bulletin board was so bombarded
with criticisms  of its programming that they 
disconnected it.)  I can't find verification of this
claim in the Actions and Applications files...does
anybody else have info on this matter?

Laurence from Methuen

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