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Re: WRKO Update

From: Kaimbridge M. GoldChild <kaimbridge@my-deja.com>

>Also, in the last couple of days, I've noticed the on-air, host-producer
>banter has returned (in both the morning and afternoon shows):  Has this
>been sanctioned by The Union, or has one of Uncle Al's first
>achievements been to tell The Union to go choke on a cactus?

Me thinks they struck a deal with the union allowing 'some limited banter'
with the host.

If the producers were smart, they would've support the unions position.  As
it is, you have poverty wage board ops, bantering with hosts who are making
3 times their salaries.

If Howie (or management) *really* wants them on the air and part of the
show....Then let them pay for it.  (Instead, they are paid with their ego
being stroked, by being "on-air"...)
That won't put the kids thru college though....

>Finally, some syndicated, fluff call-in show ("Stephanie"
>something--sounds like a lame "Two Chicks"/"Joan Rivers" type format)
>has--at least temporarily--been given the 10p-12a slot...

Whats up with that?  Did "Stephanie something" get the gig for good?  ...or
has any decision been made yet?

Personally, I would love to see Jim Bohannon fill that spot.  (That's right,
not all syndie stuff is bad...)  :-)  IOf anyone has Al Mayers e-mail
address, I'd like to send him the suggestion....