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What Donna said

On last Sunday's LTAR, Donna Halper mentioned that she
had recently visited Minneapolis, and while there 
could pick up WBZ.  However, according to FCC info, 
there's a full-time station in neighboring Maplewood
with the call letters WCTS operating on 1030.  Does 
this station only operate a few hours after sunset with
"nighttime" facilities, or is it so weak that just a
few miles away from its transmitter (seemingly more of
a St. Paul station) WBZ is able to override it?  Have
any readers of NERW traveled to areas near stations\
operating on 1030 at night, and if so, did you try
picking up the Soldiers Field Rd blowtorch?  As
for me, I took a trip to Colorado Springs CO a few
years ago and observed that there's a 1030 in Kansas
(State Motto: "Evolution?  We don't need no stinkin
evolution) somewhere that obliterated WBZ, but it may
have been nearly impossible otherwise.

Laurence from Methuen

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