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Re: More Western Mass radio

>Steve asked--
>Was WARE oldies in a previous incarnation?  Their jingle package is clearly
>an oldies package made to sound like a mid-60s original...seems like a lot
>of $ to spend to order a jingle package for an automated station with no
>spot load.

I consulted the station about 10 years ago under previous owners, and it 
was oldies even then.  Of course many years back it was much 
different.  The station went on the air in 1948 and was affiliated with 
Mutual and the Yankee Network throughout the 50s... I gather it did a lot 
of local news, and ran a full-service format.  At some point in the 60s, it 
flipped to a "chicken rock" top 40, if I recall, but I may have it confused 
with something else...